Everyone knows Santa loves to fly fish; you’ve seen him all over social media double hauling and sticking pigs. Not only can he throw some tight loops, but he can also row a boat darn well and pole a skiff like you wouldn’t believe. However, this year, we witnessed Santa with some snazzy new fly line that his elves engineered. Check out the interview below.

Flylords: What was your inspiration to make these reels?

Nugent: Steve (@mister_elk) and I have been doing Santa shoots for around 10 years now. It started with him bringing an ugly Christmas sweater on a musky trip, for whoever didn’t catch a fish that day to wear. A friend joked about us wearing a Santa suit in the boat and our Santa photo shoots were born. Each year we do something different trying to make the Christmas Season fun for people. As fly anglers I think we often take things too seriously, so this is just a way to try and make people smile at Christmas time.

Flylords: What did it take to create these lines, considering that strung lights wouldn’t work when shooting through a fly rod?

Nugent: It took A LOT! It’s been a huge challenge and we’ve had to make custom lights to cast. Our shop manager Andrew (@andrewtooes) is an electrical wizard and he built the Spey head and running line setup we’d be able to shoot, but it’s never easy and there were many failed attempts. Steve & I have been trying different light setups for years now. 

Flylords: Was it multiple lines, hence the spey line etc.

Nugent: They’re definitely Frankenlines, just like my buddy Tim does making prototypes for his Bridge Fly Fishing Spey Lines. I was planning the Spey casting video all year, as a surprise for him, knowing he was releasing his Torrent Heads this year. The man is a Spey casting wizard, so doing something cool inspired by his new lines was my goal.

Flylords: Is Santa a streamer junkie or a dry fly purist?

Nugent: Santa does it all, but loves sending big flies and lights to far off places. The lights might scare those spooky dry fly fish, but Santa hasn’t been able to try that one. We’ve desperately wanted to try fishing the Frankenlines, but local laws around the use of lights as attractants prohibit the ability to try fishing with them. We’ve done shoots with Santa musky fishing, catching pike, cutties, bullies, browns, bows and more whitefish than Santa ever wanted. Definitely not what Santa meant when he said he was dreaming of a white Christmas but Santa doesn’t discriminate based on scale color.

Flylords: Anything else in the works for the holidays or films?


Nugent: We’ve got a fun video coming where Santa took Rudolph, one of the Elves, Mrs Claus, & Clausette for an evening float down the Bow River. 

Big thanks to Josh Nugent for the time spent cranking this interview out during the holiday season. Also, Steven Luethi, Kaith Palmaria, and Out Fly Fishing Outfitters Fly Shop. Keep crushing it guys! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from @teamflylords!

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