During the earlier part of this summer, we had the exciting opportunity to interview two exceptional anglers, Noah Shapiro and Max Logan, who emerged victorious at the 8th annual Mile High 25 On The Fly competition. Their remarkable achievements included capturing 18 different freshwater species within just two days, all in their home state of Colorado.

The enthusiasm of both Shapiro and Logan was palpable as they shared their experience of leading the pack and securing the win. Interestingly, they referred to the Mile High 25 On The Fly as a valuable “warm-up” before embarking on an even more challenging adventure with their teammates – the World Championships in Bosnia. For Noah Shapiro, this was his second appearance at the World Championships, showcasing his seasoned expertise, while for the young and talented Max Logan, it marked his debut in the Youth World Championship category, fresh out of high school.

From Noah Shapiro:

“World championships were a culmination of our entire team’s hard work for the past 5+ years. Bosnia challenged us in many new ways, including but not limited to 105+ weather, one fly only, food poisoning, etc. Nonetheless, we fished hard, and our results proved it. Team USA won with a 36 placing point lead over 2nd place, and 65 lead over third. To put this into manageable numbers, on the final day three of our guys didn’t have to fish and we would have still won, and if we all didn’t fish we would have taken second. None of this could have been achieved without the hard work of our Head Coach Josh Miller, our team management Tucker Horne and our spectacular guides Alex Djukic and Luka Djukic. We also need to thank all the support from the USA between our youth team coaches, our friends, and our families routing us on. Our team was Kage Kossler, Lawson Braun,  Noah Shapiro, Drew Bone, Max Logan, and Blake Hall.”

Check out the full interview from Noah & Max by clicking HERE. 

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