It’s no question that using a mouse fly pattern to catch a trout is a little bit of a far-fetched concept for most anglers. But, it’s actually not that crazy, mice line the riverbanks of many different rivers, and big fish await their arrival every night. For fly fishing guide, Erik Peterson it’s a way to target the biggest fish in the river.

Client Ethan landed this brown right before he hooked the fish that spit the live mouse.

This past week Erik was guiding a client when his client hooked a fish on a mouse pattern only to end up losing the fish. When they reeled up the fly, they found a dead mouse on the other end. Suggesting that when the fish ate the mouse pattern, the hook buried into the throat of the fish and onto the dead mouse that the trout was digesting.

Erik mentioned, “We were on the Ausable River mousing around 2:00 am and we were just getting to the last corner. Ethan hooked a big trout it came out of the water and then got off. I had Ethan strip his mouse back to the boat and the mouse was hooked to the mouse fly. This was the craziest thing I’ve seen.”

It’s a mouse-eat-mouse world in the evenings on our favorite rivers.

Thanks to Erik for sharing his story, be sure to give him a follow on Instagram at @e_petersonflyfishing. 

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