Exciting news awaits steelhead enthusiasts in the Treasure Valley as around 250 steelhead are set to be introduced into the Boise River on Friday, November 17. The Idaho Fish and Game’s fish stocking trucks will execute the releases at familiar sites: Glenwood Bridge, Americana Bridge, Below the Broadway Avenue Bridge behind Boise State University, West Parkcenter Bridge, and Barber Park.

These steelhead, originating from Hells Canyon Dam on the Snake River, will be evenly distributed among the aforementioned stocking locations.

For Boise River steelhead fishing, daily limits are set at 2 fish, possession limits at 6, and a seasonal limit of 20 for the fall. While barbless hooks are mandatory in other steelhead waters, they are not required for angling in the Boise River but are recommended.

Anglers seeking to catch these hatchery steelhead must possess a steelhead permit in addition to a valid fishing license. These permits are obtainable at any Fish and Game office or various vendors across the state.

All steelhead released into the Boise River will be identifiable by their lack of an adipose fin (the small fin typically situated just behind the dorsal fin). Anglers encountering a rainbow trout exceeding 20 inches without an adipose fin should recognize it as a steelhead. Any steelhead caught by an angler without a steelhead permit must be promptly released into the water. It is unlawful to target steelhead without the appropriate steelhead permit.

For more information about the stocking of Steelhead into the Boise River, be sure to click here and read the full article from Idaho Fish and Game. 

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