From the Wild Salmon Center (WSC):

The Wild Salmon Center (WSC) is the leading group working with scientists, governments, and local people to protect wild salmon strongholds—the healthiest remaining wild salmon rivers around the entire North Pacific. Wild salmon know no borders. And because of that, the WSC work across four nations: from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, through British Columbia, Canada, the U.S. State of Alaska, and across to the Russian Far East and Japan.

A few days ago, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation announced that the Wild Salmon Center has now been designated as an “undesirable organization.” This now means that it is against the law for Russian organizations and individuals to work with WSC.

The WSC has made big research efforts in support of taimen and steelhead in the Russian Far East. The WSC has also supported Russian fisherman as well through the Marine Stewardship Council to improve practices in order to access international markets. From the WSC, “Wild Salmon Center employees have never participated in the political process nor worked to block economic development in the Russian Far East.” 

Stay tuned as the story unfolds. Be sure to check out the full release from the WSC by clicking here. Check out what the WSC is all about by clicking here. 

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