A note from Scott Hood:

“We came across this truck unexpectedly in the middle of the river which was quite the scene to watch and see what happened.”

“My daughter and son in law and our two grandkids were there visiting friends and we were invited to come up and spend the weekend with them over the fourth of July. This particular spot is a popular hangout for beach parties, picnics on the sand and gravel bars, tent setups, swimming, fishing, and simply enjoying the beauty of the river.”

“In this area, there’s a road leading down to the river and what appears to be a bike trail near the other side. I never had a chance to speak to the driver, so I couldn’t determine who it was. It remained unclear who was driving or their intention behind it.”

“Presumably, the driver tried to drive across the river. I believe they had driven up to the water’s edge, stepped out to assess the situation and determine if it was passable. During that time, the truck might have accidentally rolled into the river. It’s uncertain whether they forgot to put the vehicle in park or if their intention was to cross to the other side.”

“After parking our car and exploring the area, we noticed another 4-wheel-drive pickup truck attempting to tow the stranded vehicle out. The people on the scene were willing to help, but they didn’t have the necessary equipment or wheel chocks for the rescue operation. They attempted to use a strap and a few chains, but the truck’s wheels only spun, and there was minimal progress. Meanwhile, the submerged truck continued to sink deeper into the river.”

“Due to the swift current, the individuals trying to recover the Tacoma eventually gave up as it became too dangerous. Everyone present wondered what would happen next as the water slowly consumed the front tires of the Tacoma, causing it to sink further. Just then, the tow truck arrived, and the tow operators quickly became the heroes of the day.”

“The tow truck backed up, securely chocked the wheels, and employed a block and tackle winch. The tow truck operator even stripped down to his bare minimum to navigate through the water. He connected the winch to the back of the axle, swam around to enter the car through the window (where we spotted fish swimming near the dashboard), and found himself submerged up to his neck in the cab of the Tacoma. The tow truck operator shifted the vehicle out of park, climbed onto the hood, and signaled to the other operator to start pulling the truck out of the river.”

“Gradually, they managed to rescue the submerged truck, and the entire ordeal was quite a spectacle. There were around 25-30 people gathered on the bridge, captivated by the unfolding events.”

“Various items floated around inside the cab, and with the windows down, everyone would chat or shout when one of those items drifted downstream. The whole scene was rather bizarre. For the individuals attempting to cross the river (if that was indeed their goal), they faced the consequences of underestimating the force of the river. The truck is out of the water and the people are safe.”

Words and photos from Scott Hood @okflyfishguy, Scott is a former President of Oklahoma Trout Unlimited Chapter #420. Scott has had many roles within Trout Unlimited. Currently Hood is the Youth and Adult Ed Coordinator, Current Oklahoma Council of TU/NLC. Hood is a Past member of the Board of Trustee’s Trout Unlimited. 

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