In this week’s Reel of the Week segment, we throw it back to the film “The Legend of Casa Mar,” from Jesse Males (@backwaterflyfishing).

The film dances back and forth from past to present with a breathtaking interview from fly fishing legend Peter Gorinsky, IGFA archive footage, and supporting footage taken during the production of the film in 2021. This film follows anglers Jesse Males, Mark Evans, Micah Baly, and Thony Nunez as they uncover what the jungle has now been hiding for decades. Vibes of jungle exploration mixed with stunning tarpon action make this film run full-throttle from start to finish.

Check out this awesome footage doubled-up on big tarpon!

Reel of the Week from Jesse Males, be sure to follow Jesse on Instagram at @backwaterflyfishing. Photo/Video courtesy of Jesse Males. 

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