In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Charlie Craven with Charlie’s Fly Box ties a yellow sally nymph that every angler should carry when fishing water these stoneflies call home, the Two Bit Sally.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

There is no doubt that simple flies get the job done and will produce in nearly every stream, but sometimes they just aren’t as fun to tie. Bugs that are more complex to tie will leave you with a new found satisfaction when leaving the vise for the night and may end up being the ticket on the next stream you fish. The Two Bit Sally is a yellow sally nymph pattern that will undoubtedly fool trout during warmer months and keep the rod bent on the water.

For novice tiers, this pattern may be frustrating but will lead to increase skills on the vise. Once you practice difficult patterns, your range of tying skyrockets. No tyers began whipping up dozens of complex patterns and you should not be afraid to get outside your comfort zone. The Two Bit Sally is certainly attainable for novice tyers, but will require time and patience.

Whether fishing an indicator rig or under a dry in a dry-dropper, this pattern will produce. The double bead allows for a fast sink rate and longer time spent in the desired zone. Fish this pattern with confidence during those summer months and don’t be afraid of changing colors to match other stoneflies in your water. The Two Bit Sally is one pattern that every angler should carry in their box when fishing waters with prominent yellow sally hatches.


Now you know how to tie the Two Bit Sally!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Charlie’s Fly Box.


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