A note from Robert & Nicola:

“The Sudan Red Sea is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts, with its crystal clear waters, the abundance of shallow flats, and pristine coral reefs that are not damaged by overfishing  and commercial fisherman. Triggerfish are a popular target for fly anglers on the flats because of their abundance here. With their bright mind full of different characters and behavior habits, these fish are growing increasingly in popularity among fly fishermen. Mainly because of the challenges they represent with their unpredictable behavior, they stand as a worthy challenge in front of any fisherman. Suppose you add an abundance of different types of trevally species, plus the biggest brother, giant trevally. In that case, Nubia is an experience you will want to repeat many times after you try it.”

Reel of the Week from Robert Pljuscec and Nicola Vitali, find them on Instagram @wildseaexpeditions @rpljuscec.

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