A note from Joseph Evans:

“This summer will be my second season working for Picabo Angler, located right on world-renown Silver Creek. Also nicknamed, “the graduate school of fly fishing” on behalf of its spring creek approach with gin-clear water, and some very picky trout. With every other river in the area in full runoff, the Creek has been an awesome getaway for both fishing and filming. Just five minutes away from my trailer lies a solid brown trout taking some early season Pale Morning Duns. I watched him feed for about ten minutes and learned a lot in that time frame. A go-to pattern for a fish like this would be an extended body dun, size 16 with a TFP Cripple tagged off it with 5x tippet on both bugs. Stop by the shop, Picabo Angler, to make sure you have your 12-foot leader and proper PMD’s in your arsenal. I am looking forward to watching, filming, and hopefully catching some rising trout on Silver Creek this summer.” - Joseph Evans

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