A note from Bay Flats Lodge (@bay_flats_lodge):

“30-yards off the nose of the skiff is a sudden wake, and then another. You spot the school holding over mud and grass in clear water only inches deep. Any wonder in your mind as to why the allure of fly fishing for redfish is so great suddenly escapes you. You’re mesmerized by their presence, but your body responds automatically with a long and precise shot. You strip your line, bringing the fly across their bronze shoulders, and then you strip some more. There’s a huge eruption at the water’s surface just as your line goes taught and heavy. A fight ensues with one of these red brutes, and you realize you’ve achieved the elevation of a fly fishing phenomenon under the wizardly direction of your Bay Flats Lodge guide.”
Reel of the Week from the Bay Flats Lodge, be sure to check out their operation in nestled near the backcountry marsh of San Antonio Bay. Check out their Instagram @bay_flats_lodge. 

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  1. Are you looking for additional videos?
    I have produced quite a few over many many years
    One came in 2nd at the 2021 Stimes Contest
    Please let me know either way


    Paul Kalman


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