A note from Zefix Fly Fishing:

“Far out in the northern parts of Mongolia we have had the chance to find some of the most remote places for Taimen; while also having the opportunity to bring them to the net. Venturing out this far, we have experienced some pressure fishing these waters, but when you put in the effort and explore even further, you can find Taimen that push over 52 inches.

When fishing for Taimen, we primarily use 12 weight DH/Switch rods. Casting for Taimen is a lot of work. Typically we’re throwing large streamers all day requiring a hefty rod to get the distance and to move the large streamers. Some Taimen are finicky, lacking persistence, and sometimes won’t eat for days. By fishing the early mornings and late afternoons Taimen are on the hunt, giving us an opportunity to be successful, in hope of  picking one up on the end of our lines. These fish typically feed on Grayling and Lenok in Mongolia – so use standard colors for your streamers and use strong hooks to attempt landing one of these fellas.”

Reel of the Week from Zefix Fly Fishing, check them out online here or follow them on Instagram at @zefixflyfishing. Video by Ivan Dragojlovic, follow Ivan in Instagram @flyfishingmania. 

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