A note from Bob Reece:

“Early July brings to life epic damsel fly hatches on the spring fed ponds and lakes of the Laramie Range in Southeast Wyoming. Trout turn their full focus to the surface and edges of these waters. For about a week, stalking fish with adult Damsel patterns becomes an all day adventure.

The eats range from subtle gulps to acrobatic attacks. It’s non stop fun that’ll have even the most serious anglers giggling and smiling. On this particular day I was working the edge of one of those still waters while my friend Ivan Orsic (@yukongoesfishing) filmed with the drone.”

Reel of the Week from Bob Reece (@thin_air_angler), be sure to check out Thin Air Anglers at Horse Creek Ranch if you’re in Wyoming or looking to book a guided trip. Camera and drone footage from @troutsflyfishing Ivan Orsic (@yukongoesfishing). 

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