A note from Joe Rotter @redsflyshop:

For some, sitting in a drift boat or raft might be harder in some situations compared to standing. Check out what Joe has to say about sitting and targeting this particular fish in the brush.

“The Yakima is one of the most demanding rivers in the west due to the high swift flows under the brush. These trout practically share habitat with squirrels! Sometimes when other anglers on the water see one of my guests sitting down, the assumption is that my guests are lazy or have simply given up. Quite the opposite. What I’ve found over the years is that sitting down and getting low allows you to make these impossible casts deep into the canopy.”

Reel of the Week from Joe Rotter, Joe is a guide at Red’s Fly Shop, a destination travel host, and has a great YouTube page sharing some of his tips & tricks. Be sure to follow @redsflyshop on Instagram!

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