A Note from Matt at Trout Chasers River Company:

Trout Chasers has always prioritized the visual aspects of fishing with our guests. When I anchored in a typical sight fishing spot and noticed 3 or 4 happy, catchable fish cruising the weed edges, I knew we had a solid opportunity to capture what we love to do, on film. I threw up the drone and we waited patiently for a good shot at a target in range. One fish began swimming upriver along the weeds and another swam down towards us. A perfectly placed cast by the fisherman dropped right in between the two fish and got their competitive juices flowing. The bigger fish asserted it’s dominance… too bad that bug wasn’t a real caddis pupa.”

Reel of the Week from Matt at Trout Chasers River Company. Be sure to follow Trout Chasers on Instagram at @troutchasersyyc.

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