In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Cheech with Fly Fish Food is back to tie a worm pattern that is attainable for tyers of all levels, the Suede Worm.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

There are countless flies these days that will get the job done in virtually any situation but can be complex and inaccessible for novice tyers to replicate. These flies are fantastic patterns, but when trying to get into tying can be frustrating and wasteful of materials. Personally, nothing was more satisfying than tying simple patterns that produced fish early on in my tying career. Luckily, worm patterns are some of the most productive and simple flies to tie, and the Suede Worm is no exception.

With the only real material being chenille, this is a pattern that takes little time on the vise and one that can fill the fly box quickly. Having a variety of colors is perfect for high water and figuring out exactly which flavor worm trout want that day. The Suede Worm is an efficiency fly and one you shouldn’t lose sleep over when breaking off on a log.

Fishing this pattern after a storm or in high water will flat-out produce. Whether under a bobber or in a euro rig, it will do every job perfectly. Due to its weight, this is a great anchor fly in a double nymph rig. The Suede Worm joins the list of simple yet deadly patterns on this series and is one that should be in every angler’s high water box.


Now you know how to tie the Suede Worm!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.


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