Welcome to Quick Tips! A new series presented by Redington where we ask some friends their quick tips to teach anyone new they take out on the water. We were all beginners at some point and all of us are always learning new tips and tricks! Whether it is your first time out, or you have been fishing for 20 years, we hope you can take these tips and use them yourself or help a friend out you might be introducing to fly fishing.

To those who don’t know me, my name is MacKenna Stang, most know me as Mack on the Fly! I am a Redington ambassador, still living in my home state of Colorado. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors. I started fishing with my dad at a young age, but found my true passion for fly fishing over the last 10 years. I hope you find these tips useful, as they are ones my dad passed on to me!

Tip 1: Easy Rod Set-Up

Start with the tip – looping the fly line to get it through your guides

Instead of starting with the bottom piece of your rod and working your way up, start with the top pieces and work your way down. It makes it easier to line up your guides and will prevent you from reaching awkwardly to set up the whole rod. Once set up, pull off enough line from your reel so you’re able to pinch and loop it through your guides. This will prevent you from dropping your line as you pull it through your rod.

Tip 2: Nymph Rig Hack

Make changing rigs and adding weight easier with a barrel swivel. 

Using a swivel on your nymph rig is a great way to hold your split shot in place and makes it easier to adjust the length of your rig on the go. It also offers a little extra weight to get down to those stubborn fish. To start, tie the swivel 4-6ft down on your leader. Then tie 16-20 inches of tippet off of it to your first fly. Adjust as needed while on the water. 

Tip 3: Proper Fish Handling 

Keep ’em Wet! 

Before your first cast, start by pinching the barbs down on your flies. Once the fish is in the net, keep it wet as much as possible. Get your hands wet before removing the fly from the fish’s mouth. If the fish is very active, flip them upside down and use forceps to help you remove the fly safely. Put the fish back in the net/water before taking a quick picture and releasing it!

What are some of your quick tips you always use on the water? Let us know below!

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