Redington Launches All-New Wrangler Kits


From Redington: 

There’s always one more way to throw a fly, and that’s your way. Redington’s all-new Wrangler Kit comes equipped to kick start your fly fishing journey. Rope and lasso your way to fly fishing success no matter the target. From roaming your local rivers and creeks for trout, puttin’ a bamboozle on backyard panfish—to claiming wild salmon on the Alaskan frontier—the Wrangler brings the fish fighting fun.

The Wrangler Kits are for anglers looking to expand their species or find their next fly fishing fixation. Each size of rod is designed to target a specific application or species to take the hassle out of trying to piece together the right kit. Even though it comes in a kit, don’t let it fool you, these are serious rigs ready to go on any adventure straight out of the box. A simple design and colorway makes for a sleek rod. The Wrangler brings all the “Redington vibes,” with a fun, yet eye catching screen print—resembling a graphic you’d see on an off-road vehicle in the 70’s. The kit’s application and weight is also printed on the reel seat for quick identification when stacked in a pile of rods in your car, or on the bank.

Get ready to shoot your shot with six different sizes: The Pond (4wt), Trout (5wt), Trout XL (6wt), Bass (7wt), Salmon (8wt), or Saltwater (8wt). Each kit includes the durable Crosswater reel, sturdy dacron backing, RIO Mainstream fly line, and RIO tapered leader. These 4-piece rods offer flexibility for the angler on the go, while complete outfits deliver everything you need to get on the water—just add flies. Add your fly of choice and allow the Wrangler Kit to be your trusted adventure partner throughout your fly fishing journey.

From salt to trout and every application in between, Redington Brand Ambassador’s have tested the Wrangler across the board:

“The Wrangler Trout feels familiar in hand, makes effortless casts, and the grey blank is as timeless as your favorite pair of jeans. The rod does it all from delivering dries accurately, to chucking streamers. Appropriately named, it is truly the “ranch hand” of fly rods—getting the job done in any situation.”

  • Scotty Sherin, Brand Ambassador

“The Wrangler Salt is my new go-to travel rod. The carrying case makes it a breeze to travel with on the field and the road. Whether it’s redfish or bonefish, the rod performs perfectly.”

  • Kayla Lockhart, Brand Ambassador

“Having a versatile setup is key and the Wrangler Salmon is just that. In the Great lakes using a single handed rod in many cases is the best approach. With a stout 8 weight you can really do it all. Cast indicator rigs, swing, and strip flies. All in one simple package. In one pool you may be fishing for 5lb trout and in the next a 20lb Salmon and having that one rod that can do it all and pack down easily is pretty wicked.” 

  • Mitchy Duesling, Brand Ambassador 


∞ Performance medium-fast action blank

∞ 9-foot length for optimal performance

∞ Anodized aluminum reel seat

∞ Crosswater Reel with durable composite frame and carbon disc drag

∞ RIO Mainstream line

∞ RIO tapered leader

∞ Durable nylon carrying case for keeping your gear safe

MSRP: $249.99

Wrangler Product video:

Check it out:

About Redington:

At Redington it’s about experiencing the sport of fly fishing through a non-traditional lens and engaging anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s with this in mind that we create our product lines. Redington designs fly fishing gear for adventure. Exploring the past, present and future of the sport—redefining how it could be better, more accessible, and intuitive. We visualize everyone’s needs when exploring designs to bring quality performance products that are approachable on all sides of the equation, from aesthetics to price.

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