Between today and December 31, 2022, saltwater anglers will have the opportunity to share their concerns, and comments and help steer the National Policy for Saltwater Recreational Fisheries. This kind of chance to make our voices heard as recreational anglers is rare, and we hope that you’ll take a few moments to leave your comments and help pay it forward to the next generation of saltwater anglers.

“Recreational anglers are one of NOAA Fisheries’ key constituencies,” said Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries Janet Coit. “I am eager for input from our partners and the public to help us shape how NOAA Fisheries advances sustainable recreational fishing opportunities at a time when ocean uses and ecosystems are changing rapidly.”

If you need help figuring out what kind of comment to leave, check out this guide from our friends over at the American Saltwater Guides Association for some inspiration!

To learn more and leave your comments, you can do so, here!


  1. 48% of Striped Bass mortality results from fish released by recreational anglers. To improve life I support inline circle hooks with use with bait & only using one hook per lure. This would include banning treble hooks and educational outreach regarding catch & release best practices. Striped bass should be classified as a gamefish. With the population of these fish at a 25 year low, all commercial fisheries should be suspended. Management goals and practices should be consistent from state to state. With particular emphasis on the Chesapeake Bay and other nursery areas the removal of large breeding fish and the overfishing of juveniles is counter to management goals and stock recovery.


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