A note from Maroš:

Do you know that feeling of excitement you get fishing new places and that unspoken hope for big fish that makes it hard to fall asleep?

Sea run trout are predators, and their behavior changes through nasty weather cycles. Sometimes, these trout take dusk to their advantage, which presents the perfect opportunity to pick large streamers out of your fly box.

Swinging your fly through the pool where currents meet and having different fly lines for each location are critical to success while targeting these sea-run bastards.

Having the appropriate streamers and drifting your fly through deep pools was the recipe for this angry buck who decided to attack our streamer passing through his territory. After the strip set, we experienced a fight, genuinely bringing our fishing equipment to its limits.

The fish were in top condition because they spent the last few months in the ocean gaining weight. Now, swimming upriver for several kilometers, crossing waterfalls and rapids, they will not hesitate to take you for a short jog. After half of the job is done, now comes the fight, where there is no room for mistakes. Coordination of the angler with the guide is essential when fishing for these trophy trout.

While the angler fought this fish with the rod bent to the cork, I patiently waited with a net dipped in the river, trying to estimate where this fish would give us a chance for a scoop. These few minutes can feel like hours for the angler who needs to stay focused the whole time!

Now, in low light, I can see the fish slowly dragging in my direction while I squeeze the net in my hands a little stronger and reach out for the scoop.

The next moments are intense. I always enjoy these moments when the angler is shocked, full of joy, and happy seeing the fish for the first time. Everybody is celebrating because this is a success for everyone involved. Long-time buddies and friends willing to travel for these fishing journeys share the happiness of something you love with the people you care for. It is an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you put enough effort while fishing these Eden trout rivers and lakes, you might have the opportunity to share these short moments with the fish of your life before setting it free. These are the moments you’ll remember forever, and I am always as excited to share these experiences with my customers and friends on the river banks of Iceland.

Be sure to follow Maroš, chasing immaculate sea run trout on the fly. Visit his Instagram @jungleindatrout. Photo credits from @thymallus.fishing_sport. 

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  1. It’s on my to do list now everywhere we visit, vacation or impromptu road trip my dad, uncles, cousins pretty much everyone in the families even girls that were tomboys at heart (0-106 in ages) always made sure our camp out n fly boxes n rods were always in the luggage if not already in the trucks. It’s like changing planes or getting gas it was just a natural thing to do but Iceland is now on my travel log to fish next time I am there. Why just fish places in North America right. Thank you again for writing amazing articles.


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