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The newest advancement in fly-fishing raft technology is officially here. Derived directly from the minds and guides of Teton Valley Lodge, and designed on the lodge campus itself, comes the LETMRUN Raft. Designed for the angler who can’t be bothered with physical barriers to angling, this raft was engineered with the harsh conditions of Idaho’s waters in mind. Built by guides, for guides, the LETMRUN boat is a testament to toughness and has been a staple of TVL’s fleet for years. NOW, these rafts are available to the public – and we couldn’t be more excited.


What is LetMRun?

Via: Letmrun Boats

“The LETMRUN concept began to take shape in the late 1990’s as we started to explore alternative boat options for our guides. The appeal of the modern drift boat structure was high, yet we constantly wanted to explore new sections of river that would not allow for drift boat access. The lightweight body of rafts allowed for this exploration to take place but there was one major problem.

letmrun in the snow yeti box

The metal frame structure of the raft was not comfortable for our clients and thus, the fishing quality was suffering. That’s when it clicked: how can we take the lightweight, durable body of a raft and combine it with the solid, spacious structure of a drift boat? Cutting out the base of an old drift boat by hand, TVL Owner Brian Berry dropped this fiberglass base inside the body of one of his rafts. This became known as Prototype #1 of the LETMRUN boats.

letmrun boat

Over the past 20 years, guides began to take notice of the versatility of this boat and were requesting to guide with it more and more. The TVL staff began building more of these models, perfecting one aspect of the boat during each build. Eventually, 20 years later, we have the first model ready for commercial use, and it boasts every feature you could possibly want for a day on the river.”


Inside the LetMRun Boat:

The extremely light and powerfully-durable frame allows for the ultimate transportation experience to and from the water. Take friends & clients alike to previously unreachable places with our completely overhauled design and attention to (weightless) detail. Complete with comfort-driven fiberglass knee braces, cup holders, and a firm casting platform, the LETMRUN drift boat was built to take you everywhere you’ve never fished. Clients will enjoy a spacious design base and the ability to bring everything you need for a day on the water, all while keeping your gear completely dry.​

letmrun dropping in

  • Compressed Fiberglass/Closed Cell Foam Flooring

  • Integrated Load-Out Box Tray

  • Custom Aluminum Dry Storage/Webbed Row Seat

  • Line-X Coated Floor Base

  • Seamless Design with Zero Exposed Bolts

  • Custom Powder Coated 1-Piece Frame

  • Built-In Floor Anchor System

  • Cup Holders

  • Integrated Yeti Cooler Front Seat

  • Outfitted with Sawyer Oars

Learn More HERE

LETMRUN in the snow

Flylords and LETMRUN:

Last April, we laced up our boots and headed West to Driggs, Idaho to visit our friends at Teton Valley Lodge. There, we met with TVL and LETMRUN founder, Brian Berry, and his team of guides turned engineers, to learn everything there is to know about the new LetMRun Rafts.

letmrun work in progress

As dust and sparks flew from the sanders and drills surrounding the workshop, we watched in amazement as these boats were constructed from scratch by the very guides who would be using them for their own clients. Once we had a finalized frame, we synched it down to an NRS Super Puma and slid it onto a trailer in preparation for a chilly day on the river.

Towing a LETMRUN raft on the asphalt with a snowmobile? LETMRUN can handle it…

What would have traditionally been a typical day on the water, turned into an adventure like no other as we unloaded the trucks and trailers, then proceeded to strap the LetMRun Rafts to the back of snowmobiles (or if you’re from that neck of the woods: snow machines). In a relentless onslaught of wind and powder, we towed the rafts over miles of snowdrifts over 5 feet tall in order to get to the river.

letmrun in the snow

From there, it was time to buck up, throw on some gloves, and say a prayer as our fleet cruised down the Henry’s Fork. Between bobbers being sucked under the riffles by fat rainbow trout, and technical boulder dodging that had one feeling like they were piloting a WWII Hellcat down the river, we were enjoying one hell of a day on the water. Finally, after pulling the boats out of the river and through semi-impenetrable walls of snow, we all loaded the boats back onto the snowmobiles and headed back to the lodge.

letmrun in action

What we put these rafts through in just a few days of testing would have most other boats peeling apart at the keel. However, due to the ingenuity of their design and a demand for toughness, the only thing that needed repairs by the end of our trip was our expectations. Check out the full video documenting our time there, HERE.

letmrun video
Flylords Director of Photography, Max Erickson, braving the elements and deploying a trash bag to protect our camera.

Learn More About LETMRUN Rafts:

To elarn more about how you can get your hands on one of these one-of-a-kind rafts, Click HERE or send an email to: letmruntvl@gmail.com. To learn more about Teton Valley Lodge, and where LETMRUN was inspired, Click HERE. Thank you to TVL owner Brian Berry, TVL Marketing Director, Charles Warren, and the TVL staff that made this video project possible!

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