If you haven’t experienced the thrill of catching a bonefish, consider this your invitation, kinda. Whether you’re wading through flats or searching for tails from the bow of a skiff, bonefishing offers an exhilarating adventure. Recognized as the elusive “ghost of the flats,” these fish are a challenging find in the water with their silvery look. Once hooked, they’ll lead you on an adrenaline-pumping journey, taking you deep into your backing and stripping up to 200 yards of line from an 8wt reel.

However, as responsible anglers, it’s crucial to prioritize the conservation of what we cherish. With each retrieval and successful landing of the fish we’ve caught, proper fish-handling practices should be at the forefront of our minds. Keep Fish Wet has taken a commendable step by creating an informative infographic, not only shedding light on bonefish characteristics but also providing valuable insights on how to handle these precious fish with care. Partnered up with Yellow Dog, an Bahamian artist Jace McKinney, explore Bonefish In Our Hands details below:

1. Use Barbless Hooks

2. Limit Fight Time

3. Holding Bonefish

4. Minimize Air Exposure

5. Fun Fact

6. Reduce Handling Time

7. Post Release Predation up to 40%

8. Water Temperatures

To learn more about bonefish catch-and-release handling and science conducted in the Bahamas, be sure to check out THIS STUDY. To download the full infographic found above, CLICK HERE. 

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