It is with profound sadness the passing of Cathy Beck, beloved wife, and esteemed fly fishing expert. Cathy passed away last week, leaving behind a legacy of passion, dedication, and expertise in the world of fly fishing.

Throughout her journey, she became a respected figure in the fly fishing community, known for her unparalleled skills, dedication, and infectious enthusiasm for the sport.

Cathy resided in northeastern Pennsylvania, in the small town of Benton with her husband Barry. At home, they offered fly fishing programs designed for 1-10 people and had four guides who rounded their service. In addition to their guide service, Cathy traveled with Barry around the world, shooting photos for Frontiers–the world’s largest bird hunting, safari, and fly fishing travel agency. Both Cathy and Barry hosted trips for many years on a schedule to different lodges and destinations all over the world. 

Barry and Cathy Beck with former President Jimmy Carter

Beyond her professional achievements, Cathy will be remembered for her kindness, warmth, and unwavering love for her family. Cathy’s passing leaves a profound void in the fly fishing community, but her legacy will endure through the lives she touched and the passion for fly fishing that she instilled in others.

No announcements have been made regarding services or memorials. To read more, be sure to visit Fly Fisherman Magazine and read this story by Ross Purnell. Learn more about Barry and Cathy HERE

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