A few weeks back, our team embarked from Basalt, Colorado, eager to attend the Denver Fly Fishing Show, the largest event of its kind worldwide. Amidst the bustling atmosphere, we were thrilled to reconnect with familiar faces, forge new connections within the industry, and explore the latest innovations in fly fishing.

Spanning three days and a multitude of booths, the show offered a vast array of products to discover. Our team took full advantage, delving into new offerings and diving deep into the specifications of each. Take a look below:

Ross Cimarron Reel

The Cimarron Reel stands out as the first American-made fly reel available for under $300. This affordable option doesn’t compromise on quality, featuring a top-tier drag system inspired by the renowned Animas reel. The reel boasts an anodized frame and spool, coupled with a premium textured cerakote drag knob, ensuring not only convenient adjustments but also remarkable durability against accidental drops and minor impacts.

In a past interview, we had the chance to interview Ross Reels Sales & Service Manager Brody West about the creation of this reel. West claimed, “this is the perfect reel for freshwater applications, suitable for anything from trout fishing in Western Colorado to bass fishing in Central Michigan. It is currently available in two sizes, 4/5 and 5/6, and comes in two colors: Matte Black and Matte Olive.” To learn more about the Cimarron, be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE

Abel Vise Base

Walking over to the Mayfly booth, we had the opportunity to examine the new and improved Dyna-King vises. However, one product that immediately caught our attention was the Abel Vise Base. Introduced for 2024, the Vise Base from Abel is undeniably as aesthetically pleasing as their renowned reel collection. Manufactured in Montrose, these vise bases are built to withstand the test of time, machined from high-quality aluminum and finished with Type II anodization. Available in five distinct colorways: Satin Black, Satin Deep Blue, Satin Olive, Satin Platinum, and Satin Slate, make sure to explore these vise bases below.

Guideline NOVA Reel

If you haven’t heard of Guideline yet, let me introduce you. Originally a Norwegian fly fishing brand, Guideline has been developing equipment since the early 90s. The brand has experienced substantial growth and expanded into international markets. During our time in Denver, we had the chance to speak with Max Kantor and learn more about Guideline’s new NOVA Reel, “Guideline has introduced their “Clean All The Way” movement, aimed at significantly reducing environmental impact. Following this initiative, the NOVA fly reel is constructed from recycled raw materials, representing an aluminum marvel committed to sustainability.” Available in light 4-6 weight options up to heavier saltwater applications in an 8-10 weight range, make sure to explore the new NOVA fly reel from Guideline.

Simms G4Z Wader

Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana, the all-new G4Z Stockingfoot Wader utilizes the same award-winning fabric package as its predecessor. Built with a super durable, easy wearing 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell lower, the wader features a 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell upper for maximum comfort, mobility, and breathability. While looking at the new G4Z from Simms, we noticed a few upgrades from the previous model. Two components that caught our eye was the new wading belt, as well as the new spacer mesh on the suspenders. Not only that, but the zipper was extended as well as the waterproof inner-zipper. From now until March 1st, the new G4Z is available exclusively in local fly shops. If you’re looking into a new set of dependable waders, be sure to check out the new Simms G4Z wader. Find a Simms Dealer near you HERE

Sage R8 Spey Rods

Released in early January, Sage introduced their R8 Spey collection. We got the chance to catch up with Alex Blouin about the technologies integrated into the R8 Spey. Blouin mentioned, “an effective Spey cast is dependent on efficient transfers of energy in each of its three key components: the Lift, Load, and Delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite technology along the full length of double-handed rod tapers results in a blank with an unmatched ability to capture and carry power, plus exceptional tracking.” Available in 13 different models: Switch (7116-4, 8116-4), Lightweight Linespeed (5126-4, 6130-4), Max Versatility (7126-4, 7130-4, 7136-4, 8130-4, 9130-4), Most Powerful (8126-4, 8136-4, 9140-6, 10150-4).

Riversmith ShortCut with Truck Bed Mounts

The Riversmith River Quiver has been a cornerstone in rod transportation and travel. In early 2023, Riversmith introduced their ShortCut River Quiver with in-bed truck bed mounts through a “soft launch”. We had the opportunity to speak with Head of Product Jason Thomas from Riversmith to delve deeper into this product. Thomas asserted, “The ShortCut for truck beds has caught the attention of truck owners, providing them with a product that doesn’t require a truck topper or crossbars. Simply break your fly rod in half, utilize the signature Rod Chairs, and keep your rods rigged and ready to hit the water.” For more information about the River Quiver, especially the ShortCut designed for truck beds, click the “learn more” button!

Yakoda Convertible Utility Pack

The Convertible Utility Pack from Yakoda is a super-versatile bag designed to adapt to how you want to use it. It can be worn as a traditional hip pack, used as a sling, or converted into a chest pack. Inside, the large main compartment has room for the essentials—fly boxes, snacks, and an extra layer—as well as a pair of interior mesh pockets, a large clear pocket, and two additional compartments for stashing your phone, fishing license, and smaller accessories. Each of these pockets is designed to perfectly fit Yakoda products like the Utility Wallet and Slim Tin.

Fishpond Nomad Canyon Net

The Nomad series from Fishpond has revolutionized nets within the industry. Introduced in 2024, the Nomad Canyon Net is the ideal choice for anglers who refuse to compromise. With ample handle length, it securely fits in the net slot of slings, lumbar packs, and backpacks while maintaining a low profile for all-day excursions into the backcountry. The flared handle not only provides a secure grip but also minimizes accidental slippage when it matters most. As with all Nomad nets, the Canyon is expertly crafted using a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, resulting in an extremely lightweight and durable platform.

Skwala Backeddy Wader

Introducing the latest addition to the Skwala lineup: the Backeddy Wader. Drawing inspiration from its predecessors, the Backeddy combines the rugged durability of the RS Wader with a host of innovative features, seamlessly integrated into a sleek design. Gardner Imhoff shared some notable features, including the all-new suspender clips. Two years in development, these waders offer unique solutions to complex challenges: Magnetic shoulder yoke attachments prevent line-catching buckles while maintaining the ease of getting in and out that Skwala waders are known for. Additionally, removable knee pads provide comfort for stealthy maneuvers in close-quarters with wary trout. These waders are a premium offering, designed to meet your needs without compromise.

Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe

Designed and relied upon by professional tiers globally, Dyna-King presents the Barracuda Deluxe vise, available in both pedestal and c-clamp configurations to accommodate any tier’s preference. Crafted in Montrose, this premium vise boasts high-grade brass knobs, stainless steel construction (except for the jaws, which are made of hardened tool steel), smooth rotation facilitated by precision ball bearings, effortless height adjustment, a 90° handle for rapid cranking, a handy material clip, notch lock cam, exceptional hook holding capability ranging from size 32 to 8/0, and includes a bobbin hanger for added convenience.

Special thanks to everyone involved at the Fly Fishing Show that took the time to give insight on these exciting new products! 

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