In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Hopper Juan Ramirez ties the Money Midge, a midge nymph pattern that every angler should be keeping in mind for this winter.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Midges are a food item that trout will consume year round. Leaving for the water without an arsenal of them is a grave mistake. Although small in size, trout both big and small will feed regularly on midges on even the coldest winter days. These flies are simple, yet extremely effective as fish are used to a constant supply. The Money Midge is a midge pattern that adopts this simplicity and proves you should never be on the water without a midge box.

The beauty of tying midge patterns is variety. You can modify the same pattern by changing one color and create an arsenal very quickly. Whether you are a veteran tyer or a novice, midges are simple and fantastic practice. For a beginner, you are forced to pay attention to detail and develop precision on the vise, which will translate over exceptionally well to any other fly.

During the winter months, the Money Midge is the perfect fly to add below a heavier nymph in a double nymph rig. Tight lined or under an indicator, this fly will get the job done and produce for you in some of the coldest conditions. Fish this pattern with confidence and practice your tying skills on the vise. There is no sweeter feeling than catching a trout on a personally tied fly, and the Money Midge is the perfect place for a novice to start.


  • Hook: TMC 2488 20-24
  • Bead: 1.5mm Black
  • Thread: MFC 8/0 Lt. Brown
  • Rib: Juan’s Slim Rib

Now you know how to tie the Money Midge!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Hopper Juan Ramirez.


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