In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Gunnar Brammer ties a simple yet effective streamer pattern that will surely produce trout this winter, the Mini – Death Grip.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Gunnar Brammer is a name that every tyer should know and follow closely. Following the path of legends like Bob Popovics and Blane Chocklett, his patterns are undoubtedly effective and incredibly unique. Follow him for innovative flies and tips on improving your skills behind the vise. The Mini – Death Grip is a Brammer streamer pattern that adopts several tying techniques that will make you a better tyer and result in more fish in hand.

Tying this fly is not necessarily difficult unless you also make the composite brush for the body, which I highly recommend. This allows you to pick the exact materials and length to best imitate the intended bait, often leading to more eats. Take a look at how to create the composite brush through the link in the description and have fun with it to make it your own. The Mini – Death Grip has all the makings of a solid streamer pattern, wrapped into a bite sized snack for hungry trout this winter.

With its lightweight design, this fly is best fished with a sink tip or full sink lines. Bring a streamer setup to your next outing on the river and fish those slow, deeper runs. If areas look fishy but are not producing, try a different technique to show them another food item. The Mini – Death Grip is the perfect way to present a different meal to trout this winter and make the colder months much more exciting on the water.


Now you know how to tie the Mini – Death Grip!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Gunnar Brammer.


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