Despite strong support for redfish conservation in Louisiana, the State Legislature shot down a precautionary regulation package to aid in the recovery of this fishery. Now, the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has 10 days until November 19th, to enact a conservation-minded recovery plan fro redfish with one veto. Alternatively, he can do nothing which would remand action back to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, which would be unfortunate. For more info, be sure to check out the American Saltwater Guides Association, which has been working with the local guiding community to advocate for conservation and get this world-class fishery back on track.

Louisiana was set to approve a historic change in redfish regulation last week. The Notice of Intent would have changed regs from the three decade old 5 fish at 16-27″ to 3 fish at 18-24″ with no over slot retention or guide limits. This represented a 55% reduction which was projected to recover the fishery in just 13 years compared to nearly 30 year recovery period with less conservation-minded options.

If you care about this incredible fishery and ensuring it can fight back and be managed for the long-term, email the Governor today!

Here are ASGA’s suggestions:

All emails should be directed to ( Please send a respectful and encouraging email expressing your support for this NOI and your desire to see Louisiana Redfish back on track in the fastest timeline possible!

SUBJECT: “Veto Oversight Committee & Support Rapid Redfish Recovery”

BODY: “I support the redfish NOI with a reduction of 55% to get the adult population of redfish back to acceptable levels within a reasonable timeline.”

Cover picture courtesy of Greg Dini

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