In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Cheech with Fly Fish Food ties a streamer pattern perfect for the fall season, the Complex Twist Bugger (Blacked-Out).

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Streamer season is officially upon us! We can finally rejoice at cool water temperatures and those quality fish feeding once again. As those pre-spawn fish become more aggressive, they will show themselves and inhale streamers that invade their space. This time of year consistently produces larger fish that can boast some stunning coloration. With the blacked-out Complex Twist Bugger, you will effectively be able to target aggressive predatory fish this fall and potentially fool the fish of the season.

For a streamer pattern, this fly is relatively simple and friendly for tyers of all skill levels. Some Woolly Bugger variations implement dubbing loops, which normally make flies a bit more complicated and intimidating to tie. The blacked-out Complex Twist Bugger does not use a dubbing loop but rather spinning schlappen and flash chenille, which is far harder to mess up. Pairing this body with a bruiser blend junior dubbing head allows for great movement and water to be pushed with every strip.

Fishing this fly with a poly leader or sink tip line will help get it down in deep pools, but for shallow water a floating line is completely acceptable. The cone head will allow this fly to sink regardless of line, therefore it is not a make or break. A 6 or 7wt rod will give you the backbone to throw these larger streamer patterns in any conditions and are highly recommended. The blacked-out Complex Twist Bugger is a streamer that should be fished with the utmost confidence this fall season.


  • Hook: Core C2461 Long Shank Aberdeen Hook – 2
  • Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread – 210 Denier – Black
  • Cone: Brass Cone Heads – Large (1/4″) – Black Nickel
  • Lead: Lead Wire Spool – 0.025
  • Tail: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou – Black (UV)
  • Body: Schlappen – Black
  • Body: Polar Reflector Flash Chenille – Silver
  • Veil: Bruiser Blend Junior Dubbing – Black
  • Tool: Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner
  • Tool (Alternate): Smhaen Master Dubbing Twister

Now you know how to tie the Complex Twist Bugger (Blacked-Out)!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.


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