How To Tie: The Woolly Bugger


In this How-to video, Tim Flager of Tight Line Video is back to show us how to tie a woolly bugger, one of the most simple, yet effective flies that has stood the test of time.

Learn about this Fly

This Fly is one of the most recognizable flies in any anglers box. Coming in many colors, and style variations, the Wooly bugger is the foundation of streamer fishing and is an easy go-to whenever targeting big fish. The wooly bugger is a fan favorite amongst the entirety of the fly fishing community, due to its ability to imitate just about anything that swims like baitfish, sculpin, leaches, or even crayfish.

Due to their simple components, as well as easy to learn tying method, learning how to tie a woolly bugger is a great way to start tying for any angler looking to get into making their own flies, but unsure where to start.



This article was written by Wills Donaldson

Video courtesy of Tightlinevideo



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