In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Cheech from Fly Fish Food ties yet another pattern that will produce trout no matter the season, the Mil-Spec Perdigon Nymph.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Hard

Perdigon nymphs are some of the most simple, yet effective flies on the market today. Whether you are euro nymphing, dry dropper fishing, or indicator fishing, these flies will get the job done. Their slim profile allows them to fool more finicky fish and produce even in high traffic spots. The Mil-Spec Perdigon Nymph is a versatile fly that will catch fish year round and become a staple in your nymph box.

Being a very simple tie, you will be able to crank these out on the vise. Creating variations to imitate specific mayfly, midge, or caddis species in your area is a great way to challenge yourself and expand this patterns usefulness. Using an adequate UV resin will extend the life of this fly, but typically for most nymphs you should never count on keeping it too long. Adding a hot spot to the Mil-Spec Perdigon Nymph is a great way to have some variation in your fly box and test out what your fish want.

During the dog days of summer(if temperatures allow), using this fly in a dry dropper setup is one of my personal favorites. Using a terrestrial such as a Chubby Chernobyl or Fat Albert can produce explosive top water takes, while the nymph will get those less aggressive fish. Regardless of the time of year, the Mil-Spec Perdigon Nymph will land more fish in your net and be a top selection on any watershed.


  • Hook: Hanak H 400 BL Jig Hook – 14
  • Bead: Hanak Metallic+ Slotted Tungsten Beads – Brown – 3.5mm
  • Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier – Olive
  • Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier – Fl. Yellow
  • Tail: UV2 Coq de Leon Perdigon Fire Tail Feathers – Fl. Natural
  • Resin: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish – Flow

Now you know how to tie the Mil-Spec Perdigon Nymph!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.


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