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AFFTA Announces Dealer Summit in Charleston, SC


The showrunners of the famous IFTD show have just announced a new industry summit taking place this October in Charleston, SC. The event will take place October 16-19 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Downtown Charleston.

From AFFTA: 

We at AFFTA are really excited to be in Charleston, SC for our first-ever industry summit. Charleston is not only a beautiful city with a rich history of fishing but it is also on the frontlines in the fight against climate change.” said Lucas Bissett, Executive Director of AFFTA.

Working off the framework, the success and popularity of AFFTA Dealer Summits, AFFTA’s Show and Summit Committee has put together a Summit for the fly fishing industry.

The Summit will Include:

  • Educational seminars for manufacturers, retailers, and guides
  • Seminars and keynote speakers on Climate Change
  • Happy hours every evening to promote networking and connection
  • Off-site parties with music and food because…why not?
  • Speakers from NOAA Fisheries, Yellow Freight, Professional Keynote Speakers, and much, much more!

For more information, contact Kenneth Andres at

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