In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Howard Croston with Fulling Mill Fly Fishing ties a sculpin pattern to fill your streamer box with for Spring, Croston’s Micro Rabbit Sculpin. 

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

For many anglers, this weekend is one to celebrate. The clocks officially will “spring” forward and bless us with an extra hour of fishing on the back end of the day. If you like to fish before work, this makes life more difficult but like everything in fishing, adapting is key for success. It’s no secret that a later sunset makes nearly everyone happier, much like a sculpin meal for trout, so this week I thought we’d combine the two and tie Croston’s Micro Rabbit Sculpin. 

Working with rabbit strips is straight forward and won’t give tyers any grief. Using a jig style hook allows you to bang this fly off the bottom without immediately damaging the sharpness. The simple, yet durable, composition is ideal for getting down deep and sacrificing a couple flies to be in the zone. Croston’s Micro Rabbit Sculpin is perfect for novice tyers looking to get into tying and translate it to productivity on the water asap. 

Whether fished in a euro style nymph rig or under a bobber, this pattern will produce. If the word of an experienced competitive angler isn’t enough, the legend Joe Humphreys has also referred to sculpin as “strawberry short cake for trout.” Every angler should carry sculpin flies in their streamer box in several varying sizes and colors, and Croston’s Micro Rabbit Sculpin is the pattern to get started. 


Now you know how to tie Croston’s Micro Rabbit Sculpin!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fulling Mill Fly Fishing.


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