In this gear review, we will be taking a look at the latest Topo Designs and Redington collab. Topo Designs has been putting out some incredible collaborations since its inception. We were stoked when they told us a hip pack and rod combo was up next! We had the chance to test it out ourselves. Check out what we think below!

Biking with collab pack

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Initial Impressions: 

I was immediately drawn to the white pack Topo designed for the collab. The white background allowed all the other colors on the pack to pop. From the teal drawstring and compression straps to the red highlighting the branding on the pack. Moving to the rod the same design elements existed with the white blank and grid design. 

Topo Designs and Redington Collab on someone fishing

Upon opening the pack, I was met with a spacious compartment perfect for fitting all the essentials. Inside, I found a reel already loaded with line, hemostats, tippet, and a small fly box. As I sat in the office the first thing that came to mind was the endless possibilities of mixing two of my favorite hobbies, fishing, and biking. 

The combination of the rod and pack were the perfect size for any hiking or biking adventure whether it is to a tucked away high alpine fishery or the local bass pond. It was time to give it a real test. 

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Field Testing: 

I am lucky enough to be within biking distance of plenty of amazing fishing opportunities, similar to our friends at Topo Designs who are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. After sliding the rod tube between the compression straps at the bottom of the bag and stuffing the pack with my other fishing essentials (mostly snacks) it was time to hop on my bike and head to the water. 

The pack and rod are big enough to take everything I need, but also small enough to not get in the way of my movement whether I’m biking or stalking along the bank. I also noticed the padding on the backside of the pack added some comfort when making long treks. When I got to my fishing spot, I assembled the rod, threw on the leader and tied on my flies, and was ready to roll. The rod itself was excellent for a compact style rod, it felt more like a traditional 4-piece rod. 

As I was fishing it was easy to access everything I needed in the pack. With the waist pack design, all I had to do was whip the pack around my waist and I had immediate access to everything I had stowed away in the pack.

Final Review:


5 star rating


4 star rating


4 star rating


3 stars


5 star rating


4 star rating (MSRP: $450)


Overall, we are super impressed by the Topo Designs and Redington collaboration. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to have a smaller footprint on your next fishing mission we can’t recommend this kit more. With a long-standing history of making durable products, you can also count on the hip pack to be one you can expect to have for years to come.

What we appreciated the most about the kit was its compact nature and style. The ability to have all of your gear for a fishing adventure in such a small footprint is great for hiking or biking to your favorite spots. In conclusion, if you are looking for a great new lightweight kit this is an excellent option at an incredible price point. This kit truly lets you go fishing straight out of the box.

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