Costa Films Presents: Hooked On: Redfish


Just in time for our favorite flood tide season, Costa has released “Hooked On: Redfish,” an adventure along the coasts that redfish call home. If you love the sight of that blue-tipped fin splashing behind some spartina, this one is for you!

From Costa Sunglasses:

Narrated by Costa Pro Capt. Carter Andrews, ‘Hooked On: Redfish’ takes viewers on a fishing road trip from the outer banks of the coastal Mid-Atlantic to the famed Laguna Madre of the Lone Star State. At each destination, you’ll hear from local guides on what their area has to offer, and what strategies they employ to find success on the water; but beyond merely covering areas and tactics, ‘Hooked On: Redfish’ gives viewers a taste of the regional fishing subculture revolving around America’s most beloved inshore gamefish.

What is Costa’s “Hooked On” Series?

Costa’s ‘Hooked On:’ series explores the storied species that have captured the attention of anglers for generations. Whether renowned or ridiculed, almost every species has a loyal following tracking its every move.



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