We couldn’t resist. Introducing the finest snapshots of individuals engaged in fly fishing discovered through Google Earth. Adding a touch of humor, we explored some of the most iconic global fly fishing locations to spot enthusiasts wading in rivers, enjoying float fishing, or skiffs high tailing it to find saltwater species. Take a look below!

Salmon River, New York

A drift boat floating down stream looking for big kings in the fall!

Colorado River, Colorado

Probably someone throwing a Pat’s Rubber Leg and drinking yellow jackets in a Clacka.

Missouri River, Montana

What summertime in Craig, Montana looks like. Can anyone spot Mark’s vehicle from Head Hunter’s Fly Shop?

Silver Creek, Idaho

I think we spotted @idaafly and @funky_fly_guy out on their float tubes!

Madison River, Montana

Looks like a popular lunch spot on the “50-mile Riffle,” maybe it’s Kelly Galloup?

Yellowstone River, Montana

Stone floats. If you don’t throw dry flies wyd? This guy is definitely going to “Follow Yer’ Nose” BBQ next to Anglers West Fly Shop after…

Deschutes River, Oregon

Just trying to find a run to swing for summer steelhead.

Alphonse Island, Seychelles

An Alphonse Fishing Co. guide searching for big geets.

Andros, Bahamas

“Bonefish 12 o’clock 60 feet, strip, strip, long strip. You got him.”

Ambergris Caye, Belize

What do you think these guys are fishing for?

X Flats, Mexico

A skiff patiently waiting for you at the XFlats in Xcalak, Qunitana Roo, Mexico.

Bay Flats Lodge, Seadrift Texas

A Bay Flats Lodge Guide searching for tailing reds out on the Texas coast.

Florida Keys

Heading out in search of the silver king in the Florida Keys.

Charleston, South Carolina

Flood tide reds? I think yes.

Ascension Bay, Mexico

A double header in search of one thing in Ascension Bay: Permit.

If you happen to stumble across more people heading downstream in a drift boat or a skiff heading out, send an email to nelson@theflylords.com!

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