Tyler Hackett, a printmaker from Salt Lake City, UT, creates incredible printed images inspired by fishing experiences and vintage illustrations. Learn more about Tyler, his background, and his artwork below!

Flylords: When did you first develop an interest in art and the outdoors?

Tyler: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have lived here most of my life, but have also spent time living in Washington, Alaska, and Colorado. As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in art. In grade school, I would get in trouble for drawing on my desk, and my love for drawing and creating images has continued ever since.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

My love of rivers, streams, and the outdoors first came about when I was a young kid. Growing up in a place where the mountains and streams were only a short drive away gave me opportunities to discover my love for the outdoors and fly fishing. Before I knew what fly fishing was, I would take every opportunity to try and coax the trout in my home streams and lakes to bite the hook at the end of my line.

Flylords: What role does fishing play in your life?

Tyler: My first experience with learning to fish was with my father. It mostly involved fishing with worms and other bait. A good friend who grew up fly fishing introduced me to it later in my life. One of the most important ways that time on the water is important in my life is that it allows me to connect with our natural world and disconnect from everyday 9-5 life.  When I am on the water, I find that time slows down and forgetting about the stresses of daily life is effortless.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: What drew you to printmaking as your preferred form of artwork?

Tyler: When I was in college working on a fine arts degree, I never envisioned printmaking would become my focus. However, while I was working on a BFA in painting, I would also take printmaking classes. I viewed those printmaking classes as something I was doing just for fun. I was drawn to the tradition and history behind printmaking and the methodical work method printed images require.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: What led you to start your own printmaking business?

Tyler: I didn’t set out to start a printmaking business, and my success with printmaking continues to surprise me. When I was focused on being a painter, I never would have considered drawing, painting, or printing fish-related art. One day a good friend asked for a piece of fishing-related art for him to give as a gift, and I made him a woodcut print of a rainbow trout.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

I was happy with the finished piece but considered it a one-off. My friend immediately suggested I make more and show others through social media. I was immediately blown away by the interest and support I received from the fly-fishing community and my work has progressed from there.

Flylords: Where does your inspiration for your work come from?

Tyler: Inspiration for my work comes from life experience on the water, photographs, and vintage illustrations. As a young, artistically inclined kid I loved flipping through fishing magazines and catalogs. I was drawn to and inspired by the hand-drawn and painted illustrations in those magazines. I am still inspired by those magazine illustrations because of the time, effort, and skill that artists would put into a magazine cover.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: How would you describe your style as an artist?

Tyler: I have a tough time describing my style because it isn’t something I spend a ton of time thinking about. I would say my style is bold, unique, and playful. I try to keep the work I make fresh and fun and am not afraid of mixing things up or stepping outside my comfort zone.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: Ten percent of your sale proceeds go to conservation efforts. What organizations do you donate to and why?

Tyler: Fishing and spending time in the outdoors enhance my life, so I donate proceeds from my sales and make in-kind donations to organizations that work to preserve and improve the outdoor spaces that so many of us enjoy. Some of the organizations I donate to are Casting for Recovery, Utah Stream Access Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Friends of the Gallatin, and Wildfish.org.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: What similarities do you see between refining your craft as an artist and honing your skills as a fisherman?

Tyler: There are so many similarities between my skills as an artist and as a fisherman. Printmaking is very process-driven and it takes time, patience, and attention to detail to create a finished print. In my experience, developing and maintaining fishing skills requires those same qualities.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

Flylords: How can folks get in touch with you about purchasing art and commissioning pieces?

Tyler: First, I’d like to thank all the readers for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my work. The best way to get in touch with me with questions or inquire about a purchase or commission is via email at wanderingbluelines@gmail.com, or via direct message on Instagram.

Image Courtesy of Tyler Hackett

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