The annual fundraiser initiated by Keep Fish Wet is now underway, featuring an assortment of raffles and auctions running until November 12th. All proceeds generated from this event will be allocated to support Keep Fish Wet’s initiatives aimed at educating anglers and establishing outreach programs centered on their science-backed catch-and-release fishing methods.

If you decide to participate in the auction or purchase raffle tickets, you’ll have a chance to win exciting prizes, including the coveted Sage R8 Core, Winston Pure, and Thomas & Thomas Sextant rods, along with other enticing rewards. Furthermore, for those who contribute over $75, Keep Fish Wet will graciously dispatch a complimentary toolkit outlining their catch-and-release principles to a guide, lodge, or outfitter of your choosing.

You can view the auction items, as well as the raffle prize packages by clicking here.

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