5 Flies for the Month of March/Early Spring


Spring is officially here as of yesterday and boy are we excited! For most of us, we are thawed out and ready for a fresh delivery of hatches and hungry fish. This time of year brings a new perspective to anglers, the feeling of fresh air and bright sunshine. It’s time to dust off the waders and hit the streams to take advantage of what Spring has to offer. Below are the top 5 flies that will get you through the month of March and early Spring!

5 Flies for March/Early Spring

1. The Two Bit Stone Fly

Image Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Freestone streams will have an abundunce of stone flies.
  • Very heavy and works well as a lead fly.
  • Made with two brass beads and one tungsten bead.

2. The Sizzlin Hot Spot Squirrel

Image Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Soft hackle flies imitate emergers very well.
  • Can be dead drifted or fished on the swing as the tend to rise with the current.
  • Can be tied in a variety of colors and imitate mayfly hatches.

3. The Bead Head Egg

Image Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Great searching pattern and water changes colors.
  • Works very well throughout the year.
  • Offers a nice attractor when drifting through off colored water.

4. The Tungsten Surveyor

Image Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Pattern created by Lance Egan.
  • Imitates caddis and small stoneflies.
  • Best of both worlds between a rainbow warrior and hares ear nymph.

5. The Poison Tung

Image Credit Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Very durable.
  • Imitates a BWO nymph really well.
  • Also can get by as a midge imitation on spring and freestone creeks.

There you have it, 5 flies that will get you through the early spring. Feel free to try variations of these flies to find the color or size that works best for you. Ultimately, just enjoy this time of year and have a blast on the water. Tight Lines!

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