5 Flies for May


Its hard to believe that we are in the month of May already. This year just seems to be flying by, therefore you should be taking advantage of the fishing to be had. Depending on where you live, the ice has melted off and lakes and rivers are in prime condition. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Tanner of Trouts Fly Fishing highlights the top 5 flies for the month of May.

5 Flies for the Month of May

1. Umpqua’s Balanced Swim Leech – Size 10

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Great option in a few colors, but usually best in darker colors.
  • A great option as an anchor fly on a nymph rig.
  • Be creative with this one, jig it, strip it, you name it. Ultimately just fish them, they are super productive.

2. Umpqua Chrome Chironomid – Size 14

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Resembles a flashy representation of a midge.
  • At the beginning of May, the water ways are still filled with smaller midges and this fly works very well.
  • Great to bounce around on sunny days to attract the attention of hungry trout.

3. Umpqua Radiation Baetis – Size 16

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Designed by Shea Gunkel and great for still waters.
  • Works much like the Chrome Chironomid and also imitates a midge pattern.
  • The hot spot head sticks out in heavy and choppy water resulting in high productivity.

4. Umpqua Rojo Midge – Size 18

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Small midges can be very productive and should not be over looked.
  • The small tuft of antron is a great attractor and can trigger a bite.
  • Trout seem to love smaller midges which are close to the banks in still water lakes.

5. Umpqua Jigged Wooly Bugger – Size 10

Image Credit to Trouts Fly Fishing
  • Black or dark wooly buggers are an excellent pattern to jig through weed beds in lakes and rivers.
  • Works very well with a strip retrieve.
  • The heavy tungsten bead and jig hook allows this fly to get down quick which is great for fast moving water or deep still water lakes.

There you have it, 5 flies to get you through the month of May. Try different sizes and color combos until you find what works best for you. Honestly, it is a game of trial and error but the time trying will pay off when you find what works.

All flies can be purchased by clicking here.

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