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It’s that time of year again. F3T or The Fly Fishing Film Festival. We hope you are able to attend one of the shows and experience these awesome films with your local fly-fishing community. So how about a little behind-the-scenes of these awesome films? Steve’s Red is quite frankly about Steve (Hobo Steve) Tygielski’s first attempt to catch a bull redfish. With the help of Dorsal Outdoors and his best friend Adam Hudson, they embark on a rather DIY attempt to get Steve on his first redfish. Adam and Steve have their own fly company called Blue Line Fly Co. With their knowledge on the vice plus their will to put the pieces together they embark on a mission about more than just catching redfish. 

FLYLORDS: Steve congrats on your first bull red. Did it live up to the hype? What did you learn from your first trip chasing redfish?

Adam & Steve: “Lived up to the hype plus more! I see why people travel from all over the country to chase these fish. Hands down they are the most fun saltwater fish! The biggest takeaway was how humbling the casting was, how much more goes into fishing spots like wind and tides, and how much fun it is!”  

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: Have you guys used the bass boat as a flats boat before?

Adam & Steve: “We Never have. In trying to shoot this film we had a few connections for borrowing/renting a skiff and none panned out. So we had no option but the glitter boat. We knew the area pretty well and figured it would work fine!” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: What was the filming timeline like? Did you guys have an idea of what you wanted or a vision? Or did the film naturally unfold?

Adam & Steve: “We had an idea for the film, truthfully fishing was tougher than we expected but Steve got it done in the end! So it was a little bit of both.” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: Steve in as few words as possible what exactly does the “Bayou state of mind” entail and does it help with not trout setting?

Adam & Steve: “Daiquiris. Somehow how they affect your muscles to make you forget muscle memory. Trout setting is a muscle memory thing for most people, so if you’re trout setting try having a few Daiquiris.” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: If you have a message that you are trying to convey through this short movie. What would that message be?

Adam & Steve: “Get out there and try something new. Does it matter if you don’t have the exact right gear? No. Use what you have and so do something fun.” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: What sparked the creation of this film?

Adam & Steve: “Adam from BlueLineCo. Has been R&D’ing the redfish patterns that we are currently releasing. Steve and Adam have had 2 failed redfishing trips in the past (due to weather) so Steve had never caught a Redfish. We felt it was wrong for Steve to own a company that sold redfish flies having never caught one himself.” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: Is there a particular shot or scene in the film that is your absolute favorite compared to the rest? 

Adam & Steve: “Our favorite scene in the film is the downtown New Orleans scene. Too many films and videographers take themselves too seriously. We’re here to make it fun for folks who are watching.”

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you with this film and bringing this story to life?  

Adam & Steve: “We couldn’t have made this film without the Dorsal Outdoors crew, huge shoutout to them for putting up with the BLC guys in the swamp.” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: Lastly, what’s next for Blue Line Co?

Adam & Steve: “We are going to continue making new redfish patterns and producing quality flies! Aside we do have some cool film projects and hope to be back in the F3T next year!” 

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson


FLYLORDS: What was the pattern from BLC that you guys found most effective on your trip? 

Adam & Steve: “The Mobile Leprechaun. I seriously can’t explain to you why that fly works so well, but it is one of our favorite patterns of all time.” Check it out here.

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

FLYLORDS: With the Daiquiri’s flowing, Steve what was the first post-Redfish drink?

Adam & Steve: “Red Beer of course. Red Beers + Redfish = A match made in heaven”

Image Courtesy: Adam Hudson

From their original fly patterns to their own unique take on fly fishing and the industry Adam and Steve of the Blue Line Co just do things a little differently. If you aren’t already make sure to follow their adventures and projects here: @Bluelineco. And of course, check out their incredible fly patterns here: as well. Also, don’t forget to buy tickets for the @flyfishingfilmtour so you can see this film and the 10 others that made the cut! 

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