While many other brands are asking consumers to take a look back at 2022, for the first time ever YETI’s “Year In Preview” offers an opportunity for you to look ahead and fill your calendar for the coming year with the best moments mother nature has to offer by selecting outdoor communities and pursuits you’re most interested in following. “Year In Preview” is YETI’s gift to its fans that will help give back all year long, and hopefully encourages people to put the YETI gear they receive for Christmas to use while they make YETI’s calendar of events their own in 2023.
After completing a short quiz, YETI’s “Year In Preview” platform produces a shareable, personalized video that offers a glimpse of what the year ahead could hold in 2023. You are then able to peruse a list of events thoughtfully curated by YETI’s own Community Team that are relevant to your selected pursuits and activities and can import them to your personal calendar. From ski/snow, surf, fish, climb, hunt, BBQ and ranch/rodeo, there are more than 130 potential options to choose from depending on your interests. For the fishing community, there will be everything from the Bassmaster, to the Gold Cup, the Fly Fishing Film Tour and beyond
You can check out your own Year In Preview at yeti.com/calendar on your mobile or desktop device.


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