As we woke up today out of our turkey comas, we figured we’d share the 6 things we’re endeavoring to do today instead of waiting in line at Best Buy for a deal on a flatscreen. Check them out below!

#1 – Go Fishing!

Why wake up at 4 am to get somewhere before someone else, if it’s not to get to your favorite fishing spot first? The thought process of waking up early to get in on a deal in some retail spot sounds very foreign and uncomfortable to this angler. I’d rather take advantage of the emptier water and relax in peace after the Thanksgiving festivities are over.

#2 – Support a Small Businesses Tomorrow, Instead

This one is huge, especially in 2020. Small businesses everywhere have taken a hit from this year’s 11-month rollercoaster ride. The business they generate in the next weeks could likely determine the future for many of them, and if you ask us, we’d rather see our local fly shops and artists be successful than cash in on a BOGO deal at a big chain store.

#3 – Take Someone New Fly Fishing

With family in town, what better way to spend quality time together than social distancing on the water. Today and this weekend, make it a point to take someone new fly fishing if at the very least to get that dose of vitamin D and boost your spirits. Whether you’re taking out your little cousin, your kid, a new friend, there’s no better excuse to escape from the early Christmas decorating chaos than dipping out to chase some fish before the real holiday madness descends.

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#4 – Reorganize Your Gear

If you find yourself with a wealth of inside time this long weekend, it might be the perfect time to get your fly fishing and fly tying gear organized for the late-fall/early-winter fishing season, or for 2021. And while you’re in the organizing spirit, now might be the perfect time to give your gear some TLC to get it back into tip-top shape.

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#5 – Learn to Tie a New Fly Pattern

The short, dark days of winter are the best time to get your vise out from under your desk and learn a few new patterns for your winter fishing season. We have a wealth of how-to tying videos on our page for inspiration, from complicated streamers to the simplest nymphs. Whether you’re tying for winter steelhead or spring trout, the winter is the perfect time window to make sure your fly boxes are dialed for your next adventures on the fly.

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#6 – Pick Up Litter On Your Homewaters

Photo from Pig Farm Ink

Pay it forward this Black Friday and get your waders wet while cleaning up litter on your home waters. As we transition into the winter season, doing a little winter cleaning will ensure that you don’t have to look at beer cans rising from the melting snow in 2 months, and you’ll be leaving the water better than you found it.

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