Video: Brown Trout and Dorado in Patagonia With Sea Run Cases


Check out the Expedition Line of Sea Run Cases featured in this video, HERE.

When it comes to bucket list trips, few rank higher on the typical anglers list than a week in Patagonia. Home to some of the most productive trout fishing opportunities in the world, as well as a prime destination for the coveted, Golden Dorado, there’s something for just about anyone beneath the mountainous horizons of Argentina. Last month, our team had the pleasure of making our yearly trip to what we consider the holy land of fly-fishing and spent a week with our friends at SET Fly-fishing. Over the course of our journey, we explored endlessly meandering trout streams in search of beetle-eating browns, as well as the ferocity of the legendary Golden Dorado as they ripped our flies to shreds day after day.

As most may expect by now, by our side, for the entirety of the trip, we were equipped with our Sea Run Case, containing rods, reels, and all other items we couldn’t bear to be without. From Airport to open water, we depend on our Sea Run Cases to keep our most important gear out of harm’s way, and out of the lost and found. In this video, we toted one of our favorites – the Expedition Classic case. Constructed with Rigid double-wall ABS, and lined with foam padding and top-of-the-line Italian leather, this case is just as functional as it is fashionable. Check out this short video to see a week in the eyes of a Sea Run Case in Patagonia.

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This piece was published as part of a paid campaign between Flylords LLC and Sea Run Cases. All opinions presented in this article are genuine and solely reflect the opinions of Flylords LLC. 

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