Umpqua Releases New 2023 Fly Patterns


Brand new Umpqua patterns are coming soon to a fly shop near you now that the Colorado-based fly manufacturer has announced their new flies for the 2023 fishing season. See them all in the video above and on Umpqua’s website!

From Umpqua:

Umpqua is thrilled to release our new flies for the 2023 season. From the vises of Umpqua’s Signature Tyers, these flies are now available after years of on-the-water testing and refining. From match the hatch spinners to carp flies, this collection has innovative patterns for a variety of scenarios, including plenty of heavy jig flies.

All of the new 2023 flies are in stock now at Umpqua dealers across the country.

2023 Flies Designed By: 


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