On the morning of April 2nd a loud, thundering crash was heard along the Clarks Fork River directly across from Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, southeast of Plains, Montana. That sound was the result of a 25-car train derailing and crashing into the river.

Graphic from the Missoulian

According to the Missoulian, officials reported that no one was injured in the incident, and stated that they knew of only one car involved carrying hazardous materials in the form of liquid butane. They later confirmed that none of those materials had spilled into the river.

But that cargo is not what’s getting headlines. Instead, multiple cars carrying beer, mostly Coors Light and Blue Moon in cans and bottles, is what has gone viral. Especially for a few lucky anglers who just happened to be fishing the section of the river at the time. They left with a few baptized brews and a story that will certainly be told around fly shop shelves for years to come.

To learn more about the incident and progress on the cleanup, check out this article from The Missoulian!


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