For 2024, Sage introduces the next evolution in double-handed fly rod technology with the SPEY R8 and the next generation of Spey-specific fly reels.

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Sage Spey R8 Highlights

Sage Spey Reel Highlights

The All-New Sage Spey R8

The Spey angler’s arena is exacting and exhausting. Seams and structure are often in the middle or far side of the river; bushes behind and trees above complicate casting the necessary distance. Deep and fast currents, combined with slick bedrock and boulders make wading arduous. All the while, extreme weather – rainforest deluges, high desert glare, or never-ending daylight – continuously test resolve. Nevertheless, the simple fact remains that the more time the fly is in the water, the better the odds of an encounter. To maximize their chances, the Spey angler needs a rod that delivers the fly precisely, time and time again, with minimal fatigue. They need a rod that’s Intuitive and easy to cast, optimized and Fine-Tuned for their application.

By utilizing Sage’s proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent.

As Sage Rod Designer Paul Schmierer describes, “An effective Spey cast is dependent on efficient transfers of energy in each of its three key components: the Lift, Load, and Delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite technology along the full length of double-handed rod tapers results in a blank with an unmatched ability to capture and carry power, plus exceptional tracking. Energy produced during the cast and applied directly to the rod are transmitted entirely into the line, so spey casters aren’t required to compensate for lost energy or imprecise rod reactions.”

Simultaneously, Sage Fine-Tuned rod models and actions to match the vast array of Spey situations found around the globe.

As Sage Rod Designer Paul Schmierer describes, “In designing our new SPEY R8 rods, we recognized there isn’t a single rod action appropriate for the wide variety of Spey fishing applications found around the globe. We identified four distinct Spey rod applications, each with its own unique set of requirements. This new approach matches rod action to application, ensuring anglers have the most fine-tuned Spey rod for their fishing. Across the family, our Revolution 8 Technology ensures a remarkably smooth and intuitive feel, no matter the line configuration.”

Sage’s history designing and building Spey rods dates back to the late-1980’s – nearly the beginning of the company itself – when America’s Spey Revolution was just beginning. While the SPEY R8 family’s performance is a culmination of their most-advanced material technology, blank designs, and rod weight-length configurations to date, Sage has chosen the aesthetics as a nod to their deep Spey rod history, the pioneers of this niche within fly fishing, and of course, the anadromous fish themselves.

As Sage Rod Designer Paul Schmierer describes, “Every detail is a thoughtful mix of functional intention and traditional looks. The overall look feels fresh yet familiar, is distinctively Sage, and inspires you to pick up the rods and fish them.”

SPEY R8 Highlights 

Fine-Tuned Actions – four distinct Spey-specific actions | Switch (7116-4, 8116-4), Lightweight Linespeed (5126-4, 6130-4), Max Versatility (7126-4, 7130-4, 7136-4, 8130-4, 9130-4), Most Powerful (8126-4, 8136-4, 9140-6, 10150-4).

Intuitive Performance – bringing R8 Technology into Spey | Maximum energy is captured throughout the casting stroke leading to a highly efficient Spey cast.

Classic Aesthetic, Distinctive Charm | A classically designed cosmetic package nods at Sage’s rich history in Spey while maintaining a fresh and familiar feel.

As Sage Rod Designer Paul Schmierer summarizes, “With SPEY R8, the result is a Spey Casting Synergy that ’s enjoyable and approaching effortless – casts are smooth, instinctual, and consistent. Be it steelhead, Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon, or sea-run brown trout; Skagit, Scandi or Traditional lines. SPEY R8 rods capitalize on each cast, increasing the likelihood of the almighty moment that we all are devoted to.”

Available in a number of Spey-specific models from 5 through 10 weight, there is sure to be a Fine-Tuned tool for every angler and any Spey situation. For more information on Revolution 8 technology and SPEY R8, visit


  • Spey Specific / Fast Action
    – Revolution 8 Technology
    – Ale Blank Color
    – Grey Primary Thread Wraps w/ Gold & Black Trim Wraps – Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” Stripping Guides
  • Hard Chrome Snake Guides & Tip Top
    – Aluminum Down-Locking Reel Seat (Up-Locking for Switch) w/ Walnut Insert
  • Laser Etched Sage Logo on Slide Band
  • Super-Plus Grade Cork Handle & Rear Grip w/ Composite Cork Trim Rings
  • Black Rod Bag w/ Gold Sage Logo & Ale Colored Model Tag
  • Low Light Bronze Aluminum Tube w/ Granite Tube Cap & Gold Matte Black Sage Medallion
  • Handcrafted in the USA
MSRP : $1300


5126-4 / 6130-4 / 7116-4 / 7126-4 / 7130-4 / 7136-4 / 8116-4 / 8126-4 / 8130-4 / 8136-4 / 9130-4 / 9140-6 / 10150-4

The All-New Sage Spey Reel Family

Sage’s new SPEY Reels are designed specifically for the anadromous angler, providing an ideal mix of enhanced, modern performance, and refined, traditional design.

Internally, SPEY Reels utilize a redesigned, sealed, carbon fiber disc and dual-clicker drag system that ensures dependability, eliminates unwarranted spool rotation, and offers exceptional resonance.

As Sage Reel Designer Joseph Conrad describes, “SPEY Reels are built on the foundation of our longstanding Sealed Carbon System (SCS) Drag and improved upon with two key evolutions: newly formulated O-ring seals, and custom dual-clicker. The drag systems are sealed by our new and proprietary O-rings, which are designed to withstand greater amounts of compression. This ensures a stronger seal while at the same time resisting wear and fatigue. We also redesigned the clicker system, adding a second clicker. In addition to increased amplification and improved durability, the dual-clicker design also limits free spool rotation, so fishing distance isn’t inadvertently decreased while casting. The SPEY Reels’ One-Revolution Drag Knob has twenty, numbered drag settings with half- detents, allowing for precise, consistent, and replicable drag settings that can be returned to over and over again.”

Mass and balance were given equally-high attention in their design process as they updated model sizing to better align with matching Spey rods, and they adjusted the location of the reel foot to provide uniform axial balance with the rod. A full-frame design eliminates the possibility of shooting lines slipping between spool and frame while the addition of a machined radius around the reel foot aids in comfortable wrapping of leader, tip, or tippet.

As Sage Reel Designer Joseph Conrad describes, “The frame and spool designs of the SPEY Reels focus on the Spey system’s balance as a whole, and also the unique lines and riggings used in two-handed casting and fishing. The location and amount of the reels’ portings (or lack thereof) are strategic, resulting in an overall weight that is appropriate for longer Spey rods. Additionally, we adjusted the location of the reel foot from an exact-center position to better align with the center-of-mass of the reels themselves. In the machining of the reel foot, we included radiused edges; this prevents any kinking, memory, or compromising of the Spey leader, tip, or tippet. Retrieval direction is changed easily with a flip of the clutch bearing. Lastly, our spool design features full- frame line guards to eliminate any chances of shooting line migration, a wide palming rim to allow for additional control while fighting fish, and capacity dimensions to match larger-diameter Spey lines.”

Completing the package is a classic and elegant aesthetic of porting and laser engraving that Spey anglers can acknowledge and appreciate.

As Sage Reel Designer Joseph Conrad describes, “The SPEY Reel aesthetic is an amalgam of influences from the past and present, a nod to Spey traditions and innovations of our own making as well as those from the greater anadromous angling community. The reels’ porting shapes and laser engravings call to mind classical designs while the depth and layers of the frame and spool are never-before-seen. The colors were developed to be alluring but modest, and the anodized finishes add character while also providing corrosion resistance and surface protection. Of special note is the Granite colorway, which perfectly complements the new Sage SPEY R8 rods.”

SPEY Reel Highlights 

• Newly Formulated O-Ring Seals & Custom Dual-Clicker | Greatly increases both functionality and durability of the SPEY Reel drag system

• Fine-Tuned Balance & Consistent Line Management | Full-frame design keeps lines tangle-free while an off-center reel foot aligns center of gravity for a better balanced Spey setup

• Classic Design | High-performance is blended with a timeless and classic design that appeals to the traditional nature of Spey fishing.


  • SCS Drag
  • One Revolution Drag Knob With 20 Numbered And 39 Detented Setting
  • Large ArborFor Fast Line Pick-Up
  • Concave, Ported Arbor For Greater Strength And Capacity
  • Machined Aluminum Full Frame Construction
  • Radiused Reel Foot w/ Center-Of-Mass Balance
  • Minimal Porting For Classic Look And Better Counter-Balance
  • Easy Conversion From Left-Hand To Right-Hand Retrieve
  • Neoprene And Embroidered Ballistic Nylon Reel Case
  • Screw Tight Spool Lock With Knurled Lock Nut For Extra Grip
  • Colors: Granite, Black
MSRP: $550-$575

As Sage Reel Designer Joseph Conrad summarizes, “Our new SPEY Reels are the result of 40 years of designing, fishing, and tinkering combined with our enduring passions of Spey fishing for anadromous species. During that period, we’ve watched – and in many cases, driven – innovation in the Spey world in real time: material advancements, rod and line development, evolutions in fishing and casting techniques, and the discovery of new swung fly fisheries. As a result of all those years of experience and collective understanding, we’ve determined the very specific demands that modern Spey anglers place on their reels. We’ve taken this information and applied it to the new SPEY Reels.”

Available in three Spey-specific models that will suit double-handed rods 5 through 10 weight, there’s sure to be a SPEY Reel to match any Spey setup. For more information on Sage’s all-new SPEY Reel, visit


• 5/6/7 | 550gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb Backing

• 6/7/8 | 600gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 150yds/30lb Backing

• 8/9/10 | 725gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 200yds/30lb Backing

About Sage: 

Founded in 1980, Sage was created with one idea in mind—to build the world’s finest performance fly rods. From the start, Sage has maintained that singular focus on delivering the finest performance fly fishing rods, reels, and equipment to the avid angler. We are a company of passionate anglers and craftsmen, continually seeking performance advantages through new materials, designs, and engagement with the fly fishing community. We fly fish. You can feel our passion for fly fishing in everything we do. For more information, please visit Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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