A note from Jessika Cardiff:

“For me personally salt water fly fishing has got to be one of the most challenging yet thrilling & rewarding hobbies I’ve been able to enjoy. My husband has been fly fishing for 10+ years and I recently decided to learn the sport and let me tell you it did not come natural to me. I’m typically known as the Jess of all trades and I finally came across something I’m just not GREAT at. With my husbands, patience, coaching & persistence I have come a long way but there’s just something about getting in-front of a huge tailing red, chest beating & knees shaking that makes you forget a few things!


With a plan in place my husband and I were headed to our favorite fishing location. With only 20 minutes to our destination we noticed a severe wind change, so to our weather channel app we go. A huge storm was headed right over our fishing destination so we made a complete turn around to new water we’d never explored to dodge the storm. Shout out to the weather man for being right for once because boy did it storm there. Just 20 miles down the road we found beautiful banks, clear water, just the right amount of sunlight, perfect wind direction and the storm behind us. Everything lined up perfectly and so did the redfish. While few of them were pretty spooky others were showing themselves and all their glory.


I may have missed a couple fish but this trip turned out to be one of my best days on the bow. I have become obsessed with the sport. When I’m not fishing or sleeping, I’m thinking about fishing. If you’re interested in fly fishing, go take the casting lesson. Buy the rod & reel and practice. Get out there amongst them!”


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