A note from Justin Swan

“Paula and I decided to check out one of our favorite stretches in the Alberta Rockies. It was a quiet, colorful fall day, and the hatches were on. I was sitting on the rocks, watching some cutthroat trout rise in a crystal-clear pool. A thought crossed my mind, “I wonder if I can get a dry fly eat from a unique perspective,” as I hadn’t seen many (if any) videos of what an eat looks like from the trout’s point of view. I slowly inched my way to the water’s edge and took a good position in the water without spooking the fish. After a few takes, it finally came together: the cast, the eat, everything. It was cool to see it from the trout’s perspective, from cast to catch to release. Another perfect day in the books!”

Reel of the Week from Justin Swan, be sure to follow Justin and Paula on instagram @flyfisher506 and @paulashearer

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