A note from Captain Chris Wright (@alohafishinghawaii):

This story began a couple of days before the big game. I received a message from my client saying he had to cancel our bonefishing trip for the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. I was totally okay with having the day off. “Bingggg” – I instantly received a text on my iPhone. It read, “Hi Chris. Any chance you or anyone you know could do a half-day fly fishing for bonefish on Sunday, February 11th? Sorry it’s last minute.” I thought, “Wow, this guy really lucked out big time.” I texted him back, saying, “You totally lucked out! I just had a client cancel his trip for Sunday. I’m open to doing a half-day from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon on Sunday, February 11th.”

So off we went! I met Brian (@brianwilson12) at the boat ramp and headed straight to the bonefish flats. It was a beautiful, glassy, windless morning. We started our slow walk, looking and hunting for any movement and shimmer of feeding bonefish. With the tide high and dropping fast, we made our way deeper into the soft, muddy areas of the flats. Boom, there he was! A big tailing bonefish patrolling the shallows, looking for its next meal. We crept up slowly and quietly. Luckily, Brian was an incredible caster with hours of practice in saltwater. He made a beautiful, long 50 ft cast way out in front of the feeding bonefish, and that’s when one of the most unforgettable and amazing videos I have ever filmed. This bonefish was probably in the 7-8 pound range and full of power. I hope you all enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed filming and sharing it with the world. I feel completely blessed with the best job in the world. Aloha!

Reel of the Week from Captain Chris Wright, if you ever make it down to Hawaii, be sure to hit up Chris at @alohafishinghawaii, you might even get a shot at a few tailing bones this big!

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