A note from Todd Rettmann:

“Most of every year after our summer steelhead season, my work partner @watertimeoutfitters and I get out for a day to pursue steelhead on the swung fly. The water conditions on this day were good, a little on the low side but fishable. My buddy Rob had already landed a dandy in our first run, so the next run was all mine. I had worked almost all the way through the run and deep into the tail out. I only had room for one more cast because if I were to move down the tail out any further, my fly would have gone over the lip of the riffle! The last cast was the one! That fish was resting at the very bottom of the tail out. After a spunky battle, I brought the hatchery hen to hand. Always ensure your hook is sharp and cover all the water you can, even to the very end of the tail out!”

This week’s Reel of the Week from Todd Rettmann, be sure to follow Todd and Robert on Instagram @trettmann and @watertimeoutfitters.

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